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  • outras coisas

    What’s in your bag?

    I’m weird. I like to know what other people carry on their bags. But apparently I’m not alone cause more than 16 thousand people share/sneak each others bag contents on Flickr. I’m talking about a pretty popular group on Flickr called What’s in your bag?. I can spend hours there! Here’s a picture of what was in my bag on July, 2008. It’s time to take a new picture already. Will do it soon :)

    My bag

    p.s: I have three followers now *eyes sparkle*!

  • outras coisas

    Hello World!

    I finally have a blog! YAY! It´s not totally finished yet but it’s going and I can’t resist posting. I´ll use this place to write about my interests like fashion, graphic designer, cosmetics, books and movies reviews and anything else comes across a 22 year-old college student’s life. I hope you forgive any English mistakes I might make cause I’m still learning it and blogging is another excuse I found to practice it :).

    This has been an eventful week. 1) Yesterday was my cousin’s wedding and the party was one of the best in my life (not that I have been to many o.O). 2) Writing my first blog post. 3) Family reunion tonight before my cousin and his wife go to Cancun on honeymoon. 3) Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and I still ahve to buy something.

    Lots to do lots to do. I hope you stick with me through this whole blogging new experience!