I made a twitter background for you

I made a background for my twitter and I thought I would share it with you. It can be used on twitter, blogs or anywhere else you’d like to use. If you do use it please link back to me ok? If you want to preview it you can see it at my twitter. Enjoy!

why stop dreaming?

Hello people! These past few days haven’t been really good for me so what’s best to fill ones head than art? So let’s share for information. What do you do to occupied yourself when you when your head is a mess? If you post this image anywhere please credit me.

meet Laura Laines’s art

This womans drawings make my eyes happy! Simple like that though her art is nothing but simple. They’re all in black and white and so detailed. The lines, style and beautiness is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The hairs are what stand out the most for me. Here are some of my favourites. Check her… Continue reading meet Laura Laines’s art