Honey and the Moon

Good afternoon Romantics! I come bearing a pretty song today! I intend on posting a song each week depending on your response. It’s a good way to remember about old songs and discover new stuff all together! When I like a song I listen to it over and over again till I learn the lyrics… Continue reading Honey and the Moon

Soothing music

Music is what moves me. I need music when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m busy or not, on summer, on winter, when I’m angry (specially when I’m angry), when I want to ignore problems, when I want to celebrate, when I need to think and etc. I’ll share a song which has an… Continue reading Soothing music

Have you heard Lykke Li?

Lykke Li is the stage name of Li Lykkdo Timotej Zachrisson (wow how do you pronounce that?!), a 23 year-old Swedish indie singer. He has only one released album till now but seems to be pleasing everybody with it. Her song Possibility is part of New Moon soundtrack and in my opinion is one of… Continue reading Have you heard Lykke Li?

new shakira video

Now THAT was cool! It totally compensates from She Wolf’s video cause I didn´t like it much. I like that her work isn´t too much all the time like gaga we see nowadays. She’s so talented! Please ignore the tag on the video. Every other link I found was unavailable to post elsewhere. Did you… Continue reading new shakira video