Hello you! I just watched Cherrybomb and I’m amazed! Amazed by how crappy the film was really. So much pointless violence, unnecessary bad language, too much drugs and such a weak story! I have the impression I got everything wrong cause I’m so disappointed! The high points of the movie should be the strong friendship… Continue reading Cherrybomb

The Runaways

Hi Romantics! Finally I had some time to sit and watch a movie! Alleluia :D This review may seem late to many of you but the movie will only be released in some countries by September or November. Can you believe it?! I couldn’t wait that long so here’s my review. I confess I thought… Continue reading The Runaways

Dear John

Hi Romantics! I haven’t been well this past week and ended up going to the hospital. Twice! I believe I’m alright now and I’ll have to come back to the hospital only to repeat the blood tests. I missed posting! <3 While I was at home enjoying my sickness (:P) I watched Dear John. I… Continue reading Dear John

Remember Me

Hi everyone! Missed me? I had a busy but very fun week! I have a lot of ideas of posts. But those are going to have to wait a while cause my host will be changing servers beginning on this Monday and it might extend to the whole week. So I ask you to be… Continue reading Remember Me