The Greatest Dance Number Ever Filmed

Ladies and gentleman! I present you The Nicholas Brothers’ best performance. People don’t do dance numbers like they used to and I miss it. What’s your favourite dance number?

5 things that made me laugh today

1. Beyoncé doing the kitchen dance 2. Voldemort Cyrus 3. This little girl from ‘Despicable Me’ – click to see it moving – see trailer 4. This chart – it makes me laugh cause it’s so true! 5. The happiest duck in the world credits: x, x, x, x, x.

Kate Nash is back baby!

Kate Nash’s album My Best Friend is You will be released (technically) tomorrow but her new video is out already. The first song she’s promoting is called Do Wah Doo and I liked it specially for the lyrics. Once more she wrote a song about not being the pretty girl and not being noticed by… Continue reading Kate Nash is back baby!