Nail art

Most of the decorated nails I see around are quite ridiculous but some are so cute! I couldn’t find any good tutorial about it on youtube. The ones I think are really pretty seem to be done with patterns or stickers or some thing similar. Here are some of the nail arts I think are… Continue reading Nail art

I heart tattoos

Sometimes I feel like getting a tattoo but I still didn’t gather the courage to get myself one. I’m afraid I might get tired of the figure I choose. I always keep an eye open for pretty tattoos on internet though. The ones I find to be prettier are the simple ones with simple drawings… Continue reading I heart tattoos

Are you hungry?

No matter what and how much I eat I still feel hungry today! Mum says it happens when we see something we want to eat somewhere and go away. That leaves our bodies with the desire to eat that thing even though our heads can even remember what it is. I guess she is right.… Continue reading Are you hungry?

Hair, hair, hair…

I have decided to grow my hair. That decision goes against my mum who hates when my hair is long and goes against reality cause I have oily hair so I have to wash it practically every single day. At certain seasons when it’s cold and I have to wash my hair everyday I end… Continue reading Hair, hair, hair…