Want, want, want: Sifteo

Assim que vi uma foto dessa novidade achei que era um produto similar ao iPod Nano (aquele quadradinho sabe?). Acontece que esse bloquinhos são interativos e possibilitam jogar uns games bem interessantes! Isso acontece porque o Sifteo tem conexão wireless e a medida que você troca as peças de lugar elas interagem entre si e… Continue reading Want, want, want: Sifteo

Coolest sneakers ever

The young designer Daniel Reese takes the ordinary Nike shoes and transform it into cool unique pieces using themes like games, web, music, movies and etc.  They’re kind of pricey ($260) but it’s worth if you have the money. Needless to say I want it all (except for the Kill Bill shoes cause I hate… Continue reading Coolest sneakers ever

Who needs big tits?

I haven’t seen an intelligent saying on shirts in a while but this own is genius! I gotta have it. Period. P.S: Did you like my new layout? It’s not totally ready yet but I love it already :) image from ewa b.‘s lookbook

I want to see Beastly

The want, want, want of today is the movie Beastly! I’m not around the net as much as I’d like so feel like I’m late on everything. I haven’t heard about this movie and I saw that trailer by accident so imagine my surprise seeing Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen all together?! At… Continue reading I want to see Beastly

I want a place…

I want to live in another country. It’s not that I don’t like Brazil. Living here is great cause the people are great, the food is great, the language is great, the nature over here is breathtakingly beautiful.  But it’s too hard living in a place where you see closely the beautiful things in life… Continue reading I want a place…