Pretty summerish look

Weather in Brazil is c-r-a-z-y. We’re on Winter and sometimes it’s really cold but on other times is hot during the day and cold by the night. It varies from day to day and we never know what to expect. I kind of like it cause I love that I can wear summer clothes one… Continue reading Pretty summerish look

Nautical mix

This outfit brings a quite unusual and harmonious mixture of colours and stripes-engravings. I like the simplicity of it. And although I won’t like to wear this right now (it’s freaking cold here today!) I’d love to achieve something similar whenever I can. image from niki a.’s lookbook | blog

Purple, braids and boots

That’s what I’d like to dress today. And tomorrow and after that as well! It’s simple, purple (my favourite colour) and braidy (oh how I love braids! Hair please grow faster ok?). The high point of the outfit though is the boots. Without it the look would be pretty but ordinary. Adding contrasts is the… Continue reading Purple, braids and boots