Hi Romantics! I haven’t been well this past week and ended up going to the hospital. Twice! I believe I’m alright now and I’ll have to come back to the hospital only to repeat the blood tests. I missed posting! <3

While I was at home enjoying my sickness (:P) I watched Dear John. I knew Amanda Sheyfried’s previous works and sincerely didn’t like or dislike her. As for Channing Tantum I had seen him in Step Up which isn’t a good film to judge anyone’s performance hehehe!

The story is about a couple who communicate by letters since he has to go to war. It all happens very slowly cause the letters take too long to get to him since he’s constantly changing locations. While they’re apart things take an unexpected turn.

The overall scenery, lightning and photography were beautifully made. The story on the other side is quite slow and it doesn’t have any high points. The most emotional moments come when the story refers to family relationships but the couple’s longing isn’t very catching.

The film is boring so I only recommend it if you really like romance (specially that war-romance-suffering stuff).

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Written by Evelyn
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