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Robert strikes again! I only went watching this film because of him (I bet he was the reason you did it too!) and he did not disappoint me. His acting was really good and it seems like he’s more comfortable with this character than as Edward. Maybe because it doesn’t carry all that Twilight responsibility of being faithful to the books. Aas Tyler he seems to have more space to create the character as he wishes. His scenes with Pierce Brosnan (who played his father) were amazing!
I didn’t think he and Emilie de Ravin had a good chemistry! The romance didn’t not catch me at all. What did catch my attention was the little girl that play Robert’s younger sister! Her name is Ruby Jerins and I think we’re going to see some interesting works from that girl in the future! She seems to be very talented!

Other than that the film is quite boring but the unexpected ending saves it all and the overall message is great. So the film is worth watching even if you’re not a fan of Robert!

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