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I heart tattoos

Sometimes I feel like getting a tattoo but I still didn’t gather the courage to get myself one. I’m afraid I might get tired of the figure I choose. I always keep an eye open for pretty tattoos on internet though. The ones I find to be prettier are the simple ones with simple drawings or quotes. Here are some.

This little heart is so cute!

I wanted one in the same place Taylor Momsen has hers. But a different figure cause hers looks kind of like a mole.

What about you? Do you have tattoos? Where? Do you want to get tattoos?

images from: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

Gosto de cartões postais, livros e tenho um amor infinito por animais. Pretendo conhecer toda a Europa em breve e, às vezes, gosto de me aventurar na cozinha.


  • Krissy ?No Gravatar

    Woah, this is so weird! We must have been on the same brain wave because I just wrote up a post about tattoos, too! lol I’ll save my post for later in the month then.

    I’m like you though, I like looking at pretty tattoos, but I’m way too scared to ever get one myself.
    .-= Krissy ?´s last blog ..Wonderland =-.

    • LelyNo Gravatar

      Really?! HAHAHAHA!
      Maybe you can post yours now so we can have different posts about the same thing! I’d love to see it :)
      I wonder if I’ll ever have the guts to do it. I look at people around me and they make up their minds to get new tattoos so easily o.O

      • Krissy ?No Gravatar

        Exactly! I’d be so indecisive, I think. I mean, I still remember what I wanted to get a tattoo of when I was 15 and the thought of having that on me now is just horrifying! What if what I picked now, I’d hate when I was 30? That and I’m afraid it will hurt so badly. haha.

        Perhaps I’ll schedule my post for later in the week then, if you don’t mind. :) I wanted to get a picture of something first which is why I didn’t post it right away.
        .-= Krissy ?´s last blog ..Once Upon A Time… The Alchemist =-.

        • LelyNo Gravatar

          HAHAHA! Me too! I want the Eye of Horus! On my belly! *shivers* That’s exactly what I think. What kind of tattoo I’d still like in the next 30 years of my life?
          I’m not afraid of the pain cause mine would be a tiny tattoo.
          I don’t mind at all :)

  • JennyNo Gravatar

    I’ve thought about getting a tattoo in the past, but I’m a big baby when it comes to pain and needles, so it has yet to happen :(
    I really like the ones you’ve posted up, especially the second one with the ribbon on the back of the neck.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..The invasion of tweens and teens =-.

    • LelyNo Gravatar

      I don’t care much about the pain cause it’s only for a few moments.
      I think my favourite is the little heart in the back of the neck :D

      Your blog has one of the best designs I’ve seen around!!!

  • lindsayNo Gravatar

    I have 2. One on my back that I regret, and one on my foot that I got with my best friend, so I dig it. I’ve thought about having the one on my back removed, but sometimes I think it just ends up looking worse…but I guess I could have something prettier put over it…hmmm…

    • LelyNo Gravatar

      Is the tattoo on your back big? If it’s small covering it with some other tattoo you like seems the best option.

      I’m curious as to what you have tattooed :D

  • KyaNo Gravatar

    Sometimes I find myself browsing websites looking at pretty tattoo images. I agree with you, I love the simple ones that are timeless and beautiful. :’)

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