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Highlights of the week

Yesterday was the first day of my last semester at uni and it was quite normal. The students are the same so are the teachers. There are two teachers I really like and they’ll teach my favourite subjects :)! Both on Wednesday and because of that Wednesdays will be the most pleasant day of the week this semester.
On other news I didn’t feel very well yesterday by the afternoon and I had to go to the hospital. Really weird cause my health is usually very good and I never had to go to the hospital before.
Next I’ll give you some highlights of these past few days…

… buses are on a strike on my city since yesterday. Almost everyone couldn’t go to work, class and etc. The city is on caos!
… Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception‘ video is their best video! I loved the song before now, I love it even more!
… I really like Robert Pattinson but this thing scares the hell out of me!
… remember I showed you Beyoncé, Madonna, Britney Spears, The Beatles and etc as Na’vis? Well here’s the golden trio as the blue creatures. I think they turned out awesome!
… mum bought a desk for me bedroom and that means almost total bedroom make over! It came in a good time cause my bedroom really needs of some changes. I can’t wait till it’s here! It will hopefully be here this week.
… I reached my #100 pic on dailybooth (you gotta be my friend there to see my pics)!

image from stumble upon

Gosto de cartões postais, livros e tenho um amor infinito por animais. Pretendo conhecer toda a Europa em breve e, às vezes, gosto de me aventurar na cozinha.


    • LelyNo Gravatar

      It’s so pretty! You gotta watch it! I love Hayley :)
      If I had a computer with me in class my grades wouldn’t turn out good hehehe!

  • JoNo Gravatar

    Babe,are you ok? What did they say in the hospital?

    Being happy about Wednesdays is good,because it’s the middle of the week,so you won’t get bored during the first days,and then if something don’t go so well on Wednesday you know that there are only two days left for weekend. :D

    Public trasnportations strikes is one of the worse things ever.I know how it is.
    Haven’t seen the video yet.
    Those pillow are the scariest thing ever,when i saw them i was a mist of o.0,wtf and lolz.Plus,they are fugly.
    OMG,trio!!! xD <3333
    Better give me bedroom photos,Lely!!
    I need to go booth myself.xD

    • LelyNo Gravatar

      I’m going to take a bunch of blood tests tomorrow (I’m not too good with fasting o.O). The doctor is suspecting anxiety. Can you believe it?!
      I always loved Wednesdays with no apparent reason hehehe!
      The worst thing is that we don’t know when is the strike going to end o.O
      I have a pillow kidn of like this: http://www.comprafacil.com.br/images/400/322181_1_400.jpg and I love it! But I’d have trouble sleeping with this Rob fugly thing hehehe!
      Ok I’ll take pics :-*

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