Yesterday was the first day of my last semester at uni and it was quite normal. The students are the same so are the teachers. There are two teachers I really like and they’ll teach my favourite subjects :)! Both on Wednesday and because of that Wednesdays will be the most pleasant day of the week this semester.
On other news I didn’t feel very well yesterday by the afternoon and I had to go to the hospital. Really weird cause my health is usually very good and I never had to go to the hospital before.
Next I’ll give you some highlights of these past few days…

… buses are on a strike on my city since yesterday. Almost everyone couldn’t go to work, class and etc. The city is on caos!
… Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception‘ video is their best video! I loved the song before now, I love it even more!
… I really like Robert Pattinson but this thing scares the hell out of me!
… remember I showed you Beyoncé, Madonna, Britney Spears, The Beatles and etc as Na’vis? Well here’s the golden trio as the blue creatures. I think they turned out awesome!
… mum bought a desk for me bedroom and that means almost total bedroom make over! It came in a good time cause my bedroom really needs of some changes. I can’t wait till it’s here! It will hopefully be here this week.
… I reached my #100 pic on dailybooth (you gotta be my friend there to see my pics)!

image from stumble upon

Written by Evelyn
Gosto de cartões postais, livros e tenho um amor infinito por animais. Pretendo conhecer toda a Europa em breve e, às vezes, gosto de me aventurar na cozinha.