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I want a place…

I want to live in another country. It’s not that I don’t like Brazil. Living here is great cause the people are great, the food is great, the language is great, the nature over here is breathtakingly beautiful.  But it’s too hard living in a place where you see closely the beautiful things in life being destroyed. In a place where you have to pay to be able to see pretty places and nature and where 90% of the jobs aren’t valued as they should. There are too many cars, buses, outdoors, homeless people, corrupt politicians, robbers, drugs, etc.

I know there’s a bit of that in practically everywhere but I certainly want to live somewhere this is not as evident as here. Or somewhere I actually see people battling against it and can join them.

ride everywhere on bycicles
ride everywhere on bicycles

I want to ride around the city on bicycles and I want to go to parks and lie on the grass without having to be alert and aware of my surroundings 24/7. I want to go walk my dog and go out without the constant worry of being robbed. I want to sit on cafes on a Thursday nights, I want to be next to nature more, breath fresh air, I want to see fashion on the streets, a job with a fair pay check, live with people that respect my eating habits and I want to have more than zero options of places to eat vegetarian food and I want to have better opportunities.

Is it like that where you live?

image from: loveydreams

Gosto de cartões postais, livros e tenho um amor infinito por animais. Pretendo conhecer toda a Europa em breve e, às vezes, gosto de me aventurar na cozinha.


  • JoNo Gravatar

    Believe it or not,i know exactly how you feel.:)
    Ok,we have both sides of that reality over here.We have robbers,and drugs and all of that, but we can also go out to pretty place, take the train/metro/bus and go to the parks,the beach,sit down and make picnics, ride bycicles (not everywhere but still), go out for a coffee at any time of the day, all those things.
    It’s not perfect,it will never be,but it’s not so bad as many people can say.

    If you get here someday,Lely,i promise to show you all of this!!!

  • Emanuella MariaNo Gravatar

    euu super concordo com o texto, acho que tinha ( ou quer dizer tenho ) esse mesmo espirito que voce. Mas no caso eu queria poder respirar outros ares, aprender outras liguas, me integrar a outras culturas. Fui bater na Alemanha e agora estou em USA. Mas amanha nem sei..
    Como vc é novinha acho que a melhor e mais barata forma de conseguir esse seu sonho é como au pair. Tem varios agencias de au pair no brasil sorte!

  • LelyNo Gravatar

    Quando vc foi pra Alemanha foi com esse programa?
    Ele tem o segundo lugar que eu mais quero ir que é a França. Só não sei se eu levo muito jeito com crianças. Eu me via mais tarabalhando de garçonete, cozinheira e etc hehehe!

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