Hello Romantics!

I’m here to present the 10 most memorable posts made here during the year 0f 2010 according to the stats (you can see the whole thing in the link Stats on the top menu).

  1. Nail art
  2. Look of the day: Joanna Lilly
  3. Keep track of the movies you watch
  4. Do you want a little help getting organized?
  5. Look of the day: Kara C.
  6. Kate Nash is back baby!
  7. Daniel’s bday and twitter backgrounds
  8. Who needs big tits?
  9. If I were…
  10. I heart tattoos

Take your time to remember or read the ones you missed! Happy New Year everyone! Thanks a lot for staying with me this year. I had a great time!

Written by Evelyn
Gosto de cartões postais, livros e tenho um amor infinito por animais. Pretendo conhecer toda a Europa em breve e, às vezes, gosto de me aventurar na cozinha.