OMG: Paul Wesley and his dog

We got a new category of posts now! It’s OMG and I’m going to post about things that make us say $&¨$#*% or OMG! Hope you have fun with it as much as I plan to have. Let me know what you think.

For the first OMG we have our favourite vampire Paul Wesley and his dog. To me one of the top priorities in a guy is to like dogs. How can you not fall in love instantly with this guy taking his dog for a walk?!

image from hiddeninthescars

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By Evelyn

Viciada em farinha láctea, cartões postais, livros e tenho um amor infinito por animais. Pretendo conhecer toda a Europa em breve e, às vezes, gosto de me aventurar na cozinha.


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  2. Com ou sem cachorro, sou apaixonada por ele! Mas enfim, com o babe dog ele ficou ainda mais charmoso. Total amor!
    E eu amei a nova tag, Lely! Tenho certeza que irei de divertir lendo :)

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