I might just have a new favourite indie folk band!

Rosie and Me album coverI’m so surprised and stoked right now! I began writing this post cause I have a great song to recommend and went looking for information about the band. The band sings in English and I listened to one of their songs non stop these past days. Rosie and Me happens to be a Brazilian band (I’m so proud!!). They’re from Curitiba and are just beginning their career!

The singer Rosanne Machado, describes the group as “unpretentious and simple”. Their music sounds very natural, spontaneous with positive and warm melodies. I hope they do great with the new album and have a long career with lots of success! You can download three of their songs for free on last.fm and like them on facebook to support their awesomeness ;)

The video is full of paper owls, pretty bicycles, cupcakes and a bunch of other stuff I like and you probably do to.

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Written by Evelyn
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