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    10 best posts of 2010

    Hello Romantics!

    I’m here to present the 10 most memorable posts made here during the year 0f 2010 according to the stats (you can see the whole thing in the link Stats on the top menu).

    1. Nail art
    2. Look of the day: Joanna Lilly
    3. Keep track of the movies you watch
    4. Do you want a little help getting organized?
    5. Look of the day: Kara C.
    6. Kate Nash is back baby!
    7. Daniel’s bday and twitter backgrounds
    8. Who needs big tits?
    9. If I were…
    10. I heart tattoos

    Take your time to remember or read the ones you missed! Happy New Year everyone! Thanks a lot for staying with me this year. I had a great time!

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    Daniel’s bday and twitter backgrounds

    I was preparing a post about the cute guys that make my life better but I just had to stop by to give my #1 guy my best wishes!

    Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!


    Daniel is handsome, intelligent, successful and funny, what’s not to love in him?! Ok he talks way to much at times and says silly things but a guy can’t be perfect right?! He’s been #1 on my favourite guys lists for so many years and I think that won’t be changing anytime soon! So I bring you some of my favourite photos so we can drool all over him together.




    I ought to prepare a better post about this guy later. I spent so much time looking at his pictures to make this post I ran out of time! Looking at his pictures made me want to play on photoshop so bad I had to do something! So I remembered many people asked me to make twitter backgrounds like the one I’m currently using. So here they are!

    images from x, x and x.

    Twitter backgrounds – gifts for you!

    twittergaspard_newromantic twitterdaniel_newromantic


    1) Choose the image you want and save it to your computer.

    2) In your main twitter page to to ‘Settings’ on your upper right menu.

    3) Once in the ‘Settings’ page go to ‘Design’.

    4) Click on ‘change background image’ and select the file you saved on your computer then click ‘save changes’.

    5) Click on ‘change design colors’ and set it like that: background e4d3d3, text 333303, links cc3366, sidebar dfb626 and sidebar border dfb626 . Click ‘save changes’ and that’s it!

    I might do other backgrounds if you like. Just let me know who should I use to make the next ones!

    Hope you like!

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    Boticario and Just Lia made my day…

    Hello Romantics! Today I’m going to show you Boticário Secrets Collection make up kit I got from a drawing over at Just Lia. I was chosen from almost 4 thousand people! Can you believe it?! From now on I can’t say I’m not lucky enough hehehe!

    Olá Romantics! Hoje eu vou mostrar um kit da Boticário Secrets Collection que ganhei num sorteio do Just Lia. Ganhei com quase 4 mil pessoas concorrendo! Acredita?! Agora não posso mais falar que eu não tenho sorte pra essas coisas hehehe!

    It came with this pretty card above everything.

    Veio com esse cartão em cima de tudo.

    The Package is really pretty! All in black and pink.

    A embalagem é muito linda! Toda em preto e rosa.

    Inside one box there’s another (loooved it!)

    Dentro dessa caixa tem outra (adoooooooro!)

    And there’s the good part! The make up kit is covered in lace. Pretteeey!

    E aí vem a parte boa! O kit de maquiagem é trabalhado em renda. Bonito!

    It comes with an eyepencil, highlighter, blush, 3 eyeshadows, mascara, a little bag to protect the kit and a flower.

    O kit veio com lápis de olho, iluminador, bluch, 3 sombras, rímel, um saquinho para proteger o kit e uma flor.

    I tested everything except the eyeshadows and loved it eyepencil specially cause it comes with (a magical) little soft brush to blend it. The highlighter is very subtle and it gives a clean and light effect for the look. I don’t know how much this kit will cost you but I definitely recommend it! Liked? Stop being lazy and participate on every drawing around you! ;D

    Eu testei tudo com exceção das sombras e adorei especialmente o lápis porque vem com uma esponjinha (mágica) pra esfumar. O iluminador é bem sutil e dá um ar bem claro e leve pra maquiagem. Eu não sei o valor do kit nas lojas mas eu realmente recomendo! Gostou? Então para de preguiça e começa a participar de tudo quanto é sorteio que aparece a sua volta! ;D

    Thanks Boticário and Lia!

    Obrigada a Boticário e a Lia!

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    When I grow up I want to be like her!

    Hello kids! I missed you so much during all this while. Unfortunately Bubble’s transference didn’t work as well as we hoped so it took more time than we expected. But I’m back now  to post as often as I used to. And since I’m very tired but dying to post I’ll just make a post to remind you of this important day.

    Today is the 2oth birthday of the most beautiful girl ever: Emma Watson. Her beauty is extraordinarily intoxicating, classic, elegant and discreet. When I grow up (o.O) I want to be like her! :P Period.

    image from x and x.

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    It’s fun to be a girl

    Pretty bags, nail polishes, bows, cupcakes, necklaces, make up, pearls, dresses, floral perfumes, braids, bracelets, puppies, diamonds, girl power songs, rainbows, pink bedrooms, shopping … it’s fun to be a girl! Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day!

    Hope you had a fantastic day! Thanks for following my blog girls :D

    image from spare room