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    Hello you!

    I just watched Cherrybomb and I’m amazed! Amazed by how crappy the film was really. So much pointless violence, unnecessary bad language, too much drugs and such a weak story! I have the impression I got everything wrong cause I’m so disappointed! The high points of the movie should be the strong friendship between Malachy (Rupert Grint) and Luke (Robert Sheehan) and the love triangle I suppose. But none of that were any appealing to me.

    CherrybombTwo things saved it though. First was Rupert’s acting which was great as always (no suprise!) and second is the way they show the text messages characters exchange during the movie which was quite creative.

    I think film companies make a huge mistake by delaying film releases so much cause the audience starts to develop expectations that many times won’t be fulfilled. But then again I think it wasn’t released because the film hasn’t had good acceptance in festivals. Maybe I’m not the only one who didn’t like it.

    Let’s pray that Rupert picks better scripts next time!

    P.S.: Don’t treat me bad because of this review. This is just my opinion and I’m sure half of the world disagrees with me. I feel bad for not liking it and for writing a negative review but I still tried to highlight the positive things about the film. I would love to read your impressions on the film!

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    The Runaways

    Hi Romantics! Finally I had some time to sit and watch a movie! Alleluia :D This review may seem late to many of you but the movie will only be released in some countries by September or November. Can you believe it?! I couldn’t wait that long so here’s my review.

    I confess I thought the images on the film were quite scary some times. I don’t think all that Bowie style. And what about those boots? And all those weird hairs? Kind of funny. It must have been fun for them and I think it also shows how actors must let vanity behind in jobs like these.

    The kiss scene which I thought I wasn’t going to approve was quite good actually. I loooooooove the girl power thing so the film had scored points for me even before I watched it. And the girls were so similar to the real ones!

    Dakota Fanning was great as always and Kristen Stewart was great acting as I tomboy which didn’t seem difficult for her (because she is very talented :P). I always think Kristen is great except when she plays Bella but that’s a whole other story.

    I really liked Joan Jett’s introspetive moments, thinking of lyrics and playing melodies by herself. It’s good that the film gave the necessary importance to Cherie but I liked it even more cause it showed that Joan was the real essence of the band. She was the soul of that music and the one that gave 100% of herself for the band.

    So overall I liked the film. Recommend :)

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    P.S: it’s incredible how young Joan Jett still looks after using drugs for so long!

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    Dear John

    Hi Romantics! I haven’t been well this past week and ended up going to the hospital. Twice! I believe I’m alright now and I’ll have to come back to the hospital only to repeat the blood tests. I missed posting! <3

    While I was at home enjoying my sickness (:P) I watched Dear John. I knew Amanda Sheyfried’s previous works and sincerely didn’t like or dislike her. As for Channing Tantum I had seen him in Step Up which isn’t a good film to judge anyone’s performance hehehe!

    The story is about a couple who communicate by letters since he has to go to war. It all happens very slowly cause the letters take too long to get to him since he’s constantly changing locations. While they’re apart things take an unexpected turn.

    The overall scenery, lightning and photography were beautifully made. The story on the other side is quite slow and it doesn’t have any high points. The most emotional moments come when the story refers to family relationships but the couple’s longing isn’t very catching.

    The film is boring so I only recommend it if you really like romance (specially that war-romance-suffering stuff).

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    Remember Me

    Hi everyone! Missed me? I had a busy but very fun week! I have a lot of ideas of posts. But those are going to have to wait a while cause my host will be changing servers beginning on this Monday and it might extend to the whole week. So I ask you to be patient if you don’t see my blog working correctly. Thanks :D

    Robert strikes again! I only went watching this film because of him (I bet he was the reason you did it too!) and he did not disappoint me. His acting was really good and it seems like he’s more comfortable with this character than as Edward. Maybe because it doesn’t carry all that Twilight responsibility of being faithful to the books. Aas Tyler he seems to have more space to create the character as he wishes. His scenes with Pierce Brosnan (who played his father) were amazing!
    I didn’t think he and Emilie de Ravin had a good chemistry! The romance didn’t not catch me at all. What did catch my attention was the little girl that play Robert’s younger sister! Her name is Ruby Jerins and I think we’re going to see some interesting works from that girl in the future! She seems to be very talented!

    Other than that the film is quite boring but the unexpected ending saves it all and the overall message is great. So the film is worth watching even if you’re not a fan of Robert!

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    A film to love and a film to hate

    I’ll start writing about the films I watch and share my opinion about it.

    Julie and Julia

    Much to say about this film! It is lovely! The main message for me is about how people who don’t know what to do with their lives find strength in themselves to better up their situation.
    This film added so much positivity to me! The story about never being late to find new stuff to do and to make it work, the blog saga, the discipline needed to complete a project and etc.
    I must say I don’t love Meryl Streep but she was brilliant this time! One of the best characters of all of the films I’ve watched. She has the Oscar in my opinion! And Amy Adams was really good also!

    So I totally recommend it, it’s light, it’s funny, it’s has sad moments and above all a great message!

    Inglorious Basterds

    Now this comment ain’t going to be a long cause there isn’t much to say about this film. If you don’t like violence, if you just had lunch or if you simply don’t want to waste your time I suggest that you don’t watch this film. Quentin Tarantino’s work is really not the kind of work that entertains me. In my opinion this one along with Kill Bill are the worst films I’ve watched so far. It adds nothing to me. I’ve watched violent, gross films before but at least I could get a message from them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Tarantino does not give me any message, any conclusion, he does not teach me anything and the only thing it added to me is that I shouldn’t watch his films anymore.
    If this wins an Oscar over Avatar or any other film I’ll be very upset.

    Sorry for those of you who like this film and Tarantino’s work. I know he has many admires. This is just my opinion and I don’t want to be mean.