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me fez sorrir

me fez sorrir

The Greatest Dance Number Ever Filmed

By On August 1, 2010

Ladies and gentleman! I present you The Nicholas Brothers’ best performance. People don’t do dance numbers like they used to and I miss it. What’s your favourite dance number?… Read More

me fez sorrir

The world needs more creative guys

By On July 6, 2010

Creative (and brave) guys are hard to find nowadays.  And that is one lucky girl! I don’t think she would have the guts to say no after the performance anyway :P I… Read More

me fez sorrir

5 things that made me laugh today

By On July 1, 2010

1. Beyoncé doing the kitchen dance 2. Voldemort Cyrus 3. This little girl from ‘Despicable Me’ – click to see it moving – see trailer 4. This chart – it makes me… Read More

me fez sorrir

If a pug can do it, so can you

By On June 15, 2010

Mirella posted this on twitter and I think it’s definitely worth sharing. The video shows simple actions for the benefit of our planet. I’m sure everyone saw that. But this time it’s… Read More

me fez sorrir

10 weird phobias you might have

By On May 25, 2010

1. Ergophobia – fear or work 2. Agliophobia – fear of pain 3. Antlophobia – fear of floods 4. Balistophobia – fear of misseles 5. Catagelophobia – fear of being ridiculous 6.… Read More

me fez sorrir

Kate Nash is back baby!

By On April 18, 2010

Kate Nash’s album My Best Friend is You will be released (technically) tomorrow but her new video is out already. The first song she’s promoting is called Do Wah Doo and I… Read More